our food

With quality and flavour leading the way, our contemporary Canadian cuisine looks to the best ingredients available locally, and then from across Canada; blending a range of culinary techniques and traditions drawn from our culturally diverse heritage. Fresh and vibrant carefully sourced ocean-wise ingredients are conjured into enticing and wholesome dishes by our talented and highly skilled kitchen team.


Complimentary Popcorn

with coconut butter and spices

Locally Baked Pretzel

warm and chewy with spicy honey mustard

Bacon Cinnamon Bun

gluten, sugar and BACON!

Salad Rolls

raw and fresh with Paleo No Peanut Sauce

Moroccan Love Lentil Salad

red onion, almonds, raisins, cilantro & chevre

Cheese on Cheese Panini

takes the grilled cheese to another level

Pulled Pork Buns

house made with Ancho Chili BBQ sauce

Soup with focaccia

sweet squash, creamy cashew & coconut

Vegan / Raw

Raw Raviolis

with cashews, almonds and beets served with lentil salad or salad roll

Coconut Chocolate Mousse

vegan, gluten free and amazing

Seasonal Raw Dessert

appie or main

Nibbles to Share


a pile of chips with black beans, corn and fresh peppers, aged mozza and cheddar, sour cream drizzle, cilantro and a side of salsa

Charcuterie Platter

for sharing – boards vary with the season with Eat Clean pepperoni from Chopping Block, brie, havarti, dilled cream cheese, pear chutney, prosciutto, pretzel and foccacia


house made with crispy foccacia


with choice of lentil salad, salad roll or +$ for nachos

Chicken Burger

with sundried tomato & roasted red pepper

Veggie Burrito

black beans, squash, corn, eggplant, cheese & more

Pulled Pork Panini

house made with ancho chili BBQ sauce

Pepperoni Panini

Roasted Squash Panini

with mozza and balsamic

Ginger Chicken Salad

served in a bowl or as salad rolls

Chicken Salad Rolls

with Paleo No Peanut sauce

Yummy Treats

Up all night to get lucky

mocha ice cream cake

Lemon Squared

lemon shortbread and house made fully dairy lemon ice cream


banana, Nutella and whipped cream

Sundaes / Banana splits

choice of topppings & all the good stuff



warm brownie bowl filled with vanilla ice cream

Nutella S’More

Nutella, marshmallow on crispy sweet bread

Black and White Sweet Panini

with gooey dark & white chocolate

Samoan Whipped Cheesecake

shortbread crust and coconut deliciousness

Grapefruit Rattled

broiled grapefruit, topped with honey & cinnamon

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

chocolate ice cream and whipped cream

our mixes

Our premium bar features innovative cocktails crafted by our expert mixologists, an impressive non-alcoholic selection, and a range of local and imported beers to assure we’re stocked to satisfy every taste!






Alexander Keith’s

Blue Buck


Dos XX

Granville Island various flavours


Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc


Red Truck Ale various flavours

Red Racer can IPA

Sleeman Brown

Stella Artois

Strawberry Fruli

Dageraad Brewing

’15 & ’16 Gold Medal Award Winner @ BCBA BLONDE
Silver Medal Winner @ VBA AMBER

Townsite Beer rotating flavours


Hester Creek Pinot Gris – White

Shift’s End

Apothic Red

Featured Wines

coming soon 40 Knots Wines by the bottle

non-alcoholic drinks

Shrubbed Bubbles & Bubbled Shrubs

Fruits & Roots Pear Ginger, Pineapple Turmeric or Lavender Shrub with sparkling water

Urban Earth Iced Tea 

barely sweetened

Peach Calendula Radiance, non-caff

Pot of Gold organic black tea, caff

Float Your Boat

Choice of ice cream on choice of pop, foamy deliciousness

Organic Spritzer

citrus or mango

The Standards

Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Diet Coke

Fresh Brewed river city coffee

Delicious coffee & decaf, thanks to our neighbors

Urban Earth Tea

Served in French Press – Little or no caffeine

Spicy Chocolate Orange, After Eight Mint, Lavender Bliss,  Harmony Chamomile, Lemon Meringue

Caffeine: Blackberry Caramel,  Jasmine Green Dragon, Sencha Green Tea, Earl Grey, Marsala Chai, Saltery Bay Blueberry White

Buddha’s Lemonade

fresh ginger and organic cane sugar, house-made lemonade as Buddha intended it


Lone Tree Cider

pear ginger & dry apple

Smirnoff ICE

Strawberry Fruli Beer Float


Apple martini

smooth green apple


beer margarita, get it?

Brown Cow

kahlua & milk

Boozy Buddah

our lemonade w/vodka or gin


how spicy do you like it?

Caribou Lou

151, malibu & pinapple

Citrus Twist

tequila, peach schnapps & oj

Cosmo Martini

classic cran vodka

Chocolate Martini

creme de cacao, baileys, vodka

Classic Gin or Vodka Martini

dirty on demand

Grey Goose Martini

dirty or not, smooth as silk

Mai Tai Toy

2 types of rum, oj & pineapple


whiskey, bitters & red vermouth


gin, campari & red vermouth

Old Fashioned

bourbon, bitters & sugar

Peach Bliss

iced tea & peach schnapps

Sex on the Beach

vodka, cran, peach & oj

Tequila Sunrise

tequila, oj & grenadine

Tipsy Shrub

lavendar, pineapple turmeric, pear, ginger

     Fruits & Roots Shrub w/ vodka or gin